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Life coaching is in fashion. Harvard Business Review, reported that coaching a $1 billion industry is up for the year, but just what is a personal trainer, professional trainer and life coach and why are so many executives and individuals to move their careers, free from the 9-5 jobs and create a richer, better and rewarding life?First of all, what is a professional coach? The International Coach Federation (ICF) global leading coaching organization and Professional Association for coaches defined that coaching in partnership with customers in a process of reflection and creative inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Secondly I life coaching harvard use the coaching? In a study in 2009 of the professional coaching industry of the Chartered Institute of personnel and development (ICPD) they found that the coaching was used by 90% of the respondents and also in economic recession, 70% report that they are either increase or keep their commitment for training. Coaching is obviously very popular, but what is a professional coach? As in any profession, can be a lot of confusion. To distinguish the reality from fiction, click the top to read 10 myths-personal-trainer on the pages. Top 10 professional life coaching MythsMyth # 1: life coach are professionals, with which you can reach your goals. The fact is: some, but certainly not all trainers are professionals, you can achieve your goals. One of the problems in the field of coaching is that anyone can call a professional trainer, fitness trainer, life coach, etc, , Jennifer Corbin, President of coach U, one of the largest training organizations and the world's oldest coach said, technically, anyone can hang up a shingle as coaching is not regulated. Many people, coaching, have no idea what is coaching that it does or does not have been trained, trained by a specially trained and certified trainer. There are 'Schools' with credentials after three hours for the training of people, read a book or television program and decide I'm a coach. Therefore the quality of the cars are very different. I recommend that you work with a coach who has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF provides independent certification, which is the reference for the professional sector, coaching,.